Pvc Panel

PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel is made from the chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride, in which laminated via heat process of thin layer decorative film for the brilliant and veneer appearance of the panel.

PVC wall and ceiling panels are made of a waterproof material which makes these panels highly resistant to water. The PVC panels are best suited for cladding the ceilings and walls of moisture-laden areas – for instance, bathrooms, basements, garages – which are prone to dampness.

Since PVC panels have waterproof qualities, they are ideal for bathrooms and other environments that can become damp and humid, such as basements and kitchens. These panels can be used for bathroom ceilings and walls in order to provide durable structures that are resistant to mold and mildew.

PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your child's health. These toxic additives can leach out or evaporate into the air over time, posing unnecessary dangers to children.