Acp Work

What is ACP Sheet? ACP sheet or Aluminium Composite Panel is a new-age cladding material that's used for building front elevation (facades), interiors, signage, modular kitchen and many more. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures like wood, stone, sand, 3D etc.

Providing, fabricating and supplying and fixing panels of aluminium composite panel cladding in pan shape in metalic colour of approved shades made out of 4mm thick aluminium composite panel material consisting of 3mm thick FR grade mineral core sandwiched between two Aluminium sheets (each 0.5mm thick).

The ACP sheets are fire-resistant because aluminium has excellent insulating properties against heat. They do not give out any gases or fumes, demonstrating that they are safe for use as inside panelling.

You might be familiar with Aluminium Composite panels or ACP sheet design if you are into the construction business or interior design. Also called ACP design panels or ACP Sheets, these are common building materials used in several building facades and signboards.